American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT)


    On April 29th I will be presenting our research this year at the American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy at the Washington Hilton in Washington DC for Talee Bio, Inc:

    Abstract Title: Delivery of AAV-CFTR to Bronchial Epithelial Cells from Cystic Fibrosis Patients Augments Functional Recovery of Chloride Conductance
    Session Title: Pulmonary Gene Therapy
    Date/Time: Monday April 29th, 11.15-11.30am
    Location: Heights Courtyard 3.

    On the same day our co-founder and University of Iowa professor, John Engelhardt will be presenting some of his cool data from ferrets. Details here:

    Scientific Symposium: Pharmacologic Rescue and Gene Therapy Endpoints in Ferret Models of Cystic Fibrosis
    Session Title: Novel Strategies for Lung and GI Tract-directed Genetic Therapies - Organized by the Respiratory & GI Tract Gene & Cell Therapy Committee
    Date/Time: Monday April 29th, 8.00-8.30am
    Location: Georgetown Room

    My colleague will also be presenting his work in a poster that day:

    Abstract Title: Study of the Neutralizing Antibody after rAAV.TL65 Transduction in Ferret Airway
    Session Title: Immunological Aspects of Gene Therapy and Vaccines
    Date/Time: Monday April 29th, 5.00-6.00pm
    Location: Poster session, Board no. 130  

    This will be the first time I attend this meeting and I look forward to potentially networking with some leading scientists as well as companies working to develop gene therapy products. Since Talee Bio, Inc does not have a social media or publicity machine in place yet (and personally neither do I!) I will put this message out for our company. However, as a disclaimer all of the views I have expressed on this website, in my previous posts and in my subsequent posts reflect my sole opinions and do not reflect that of my biotech company.

    Those who know me well will remember that I have family in the DMV area and that I will be staying at home in Virginia from April 27th to May 4th. I welcome any suggestions to network and meet up in the local area.