Shriners Fellowship Grant Submitted


    In October, I completed my second postdoc fellowship grant submission to the Shriners Hospitals for Children. This was an "internal" fellowship, awarded by the organization that originally founded our department, which was available for only TWO postdoctoral applicants in our department for this cycle of 2013. This grant is based on the same hypothesis and series of studies that I proposed to the PVA.

    There were great challenges submitting this one due to technical glitches and server crashes with the Altum Proposal Central website on the date of the deadline! However, we managed to squeeze the proposal package through the net. Awards have previously been given competitively to principle investigators and postdoc fellows in our center. This year, we will keep our fingers crossed for more!

    Shriners founded, supports and pays for most of the research in our center at Temple Univeristy, under the direction of Michael Selzer. But we are also affiliated with Temple University.

    Read more about Shriners funded research here:


    A video by the Shriners Research Center in Portland OR:23