Fellowship Grant Submitted


    This week I completed my fellowship grant submission to the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Research Foundation in a bid to continue my work at Temple University and at the Shriners center for regeneration. The grant essentially proposes to study axonal regeneration by looking at how drugs can affect microtubule stability. Though this is a small grant asking for just $100,000 over two years, getting it would mean the difference between staying on in the lab or packing my bench up and leaving. The fact of the matter is, I will be dependent on having a PI who can sponsor me AND a funding body that can sponsor my experiments. Of course we in the lab are busy submitting more grants right now.

    The PVA is a charity dedicated to providing care, rehabilitation and civil rights for injured veteran soldiers. Here is one way you can donate to them - by offering your old car to a wounded warrior:


    Last year they secured over $250 million for veterans benefits directly from the US government - not an easy feat. Each year they award between 6 to 12 grants to biomedical and clinical research, only a fraction of which are fellowships for postdoctoral fellows. This year their funding may be much lower due to many factors, not helped by Sequestration. Right, time to write another grant!....