SfN Meeting Nanosymposium


    I was fortunate enough to be selected for one of the SfN Nanosymposium talks last year in San Diego. This one was hosted by Richard Zigmund for the final neuro-regeneration focussed session. The talk went well and two or three people were able to ask questions at the end. This gave me good feedback and I even met some people who wanted to collaborate.


    However, this all took place on a bright, sunny southern California day, at the end of a 5 day conference, when most people were preparing to or had already departed from the meeting. I stood in a small, darkened meeting room and gave a 10 minute spiel about my research to around 50 people who sat scattered in a small-ish auditorium room that easily had a capacity for up to 400 people. The hollow darkness of the meeting room left much to be desired and the fatigue from the long meeting was clear on most people's faces. Next time I sign up for a talk or poster session, it should be in the earlier days of a conference.

    Here is an excerpt of the first few minutes from my Nanosymposium talk at the SfN Meeting last year in San Diego: