Pint of Science Philadelphia


    Interested in IPA draft beer and also in brain, body, earth and physics? Come to the Bourbon Blue and Barren Hill pubs in Philadelphia next week.

    Next week (May 19th - 21st) will be the first Pint of Science event in Philadelphia, which aims to bring scientists from the office / lab to the local brewery and give beer-loving enthusiasts the chance to listen to what we really do at work. Since its inception in London, this event has been a tour de force garnering wide spread media attention in the UK and around the world. What with 21 cities and 5 countries participating I think this calls for a new revolution that will rival the Arab Spring, albeit a less violent version.

    I have mentioned this event before here. We have been working hard at assembling and promoting it on social media, in the newspapers and by handing out flyers. If we had more time, we would have reached NPR radio and some TV advertisers. But, the fruits of our labor will soon be ripe for the taking. Here is the schedule of speakers:

    Some amazing speakers include

    Ted Daeschler, Drexel's Academy of Natural Sciences paleontologist who also happened to appear on the Colbert Report:


    Adam Zolkover, a fermentation expert who has an activist blog and was featured on NPR's The Pulse:

    Andrew Spence, an engineering professor who builds robots to study how animals move:


    Oh, and don't forget to check our social network sites. We have token prizes to give away: