Pint of Science


    Here is a fun, novel, science-promotion event taking place called "Pint of Science". While many may consider drinking beer at the pub as just another way to drown their miseries over failed experiements, this event has in fact blossomed into a nationwide festival in the UK comprised of a series of TED-style lectures given by experts in biology, physics, earth sciences and mathematics. It is the brain child of a few London scientists, some from my old alma mater, King's College London, devised to engage scientists with the public in interesting discussions over a few beers. The American version of Pint of Science will kick-off in May in 4 cities spanning the US. I have been recruited by Dr. Parmvir Bahia, the US coordinator, to host the first event in Philadelphia. Despite my initial reservations about America lacking the "drinking culture" that the Brits adamantly adhere to, we are pretty sure we can pull this off!

    Any scientists who want to speak in May in Philadelphia, Tampa, Chicago or San Diego, or anyone wishing to volunteer to help organize the event should write to