Start Talking Science


    Next week I will be presenting a poster at Start Talking Science at the Drexel Academy of Natural Sciences. I will be talking to the public about the use of viruses to treat spinal cord injury and the different types of injury models we study in the lab of George Smith at Temple University. The Smith lab has been at the forefront of engineering viruses to infect and study neurons for decades so it seems like an obvious topic to make a talk. I love studying viruses. Aside from their huge potential as potent and precise agents of genetic engineering, viruses are themselves very interesting since they are nature's original nanoparticles that can bring about death or life. Since most of my work is still preliminary and I am not ready to publish it, I decided to put together a poster explaining the broad concepts in our field. Here is an advanced preview of my poster:

    This will be the second ever annual Start Talking Science showcase in which scientists from around Philadelphia can engage the public with research projects they are working on. I must take my hat off to the founder of this event, Christina Love, an astrophysicist from Drexel, for having the audacity to bring this show together. Having organized the Pint of Science festival in Philadelphia for the previous two years I know how much effort is put into promoting something like this. I also admire the "peer review" style poster workshops that we were all given. Sometimes it is so much more useful to get two people from outside your profession critique your work and advise you on how to do a presentation than to sit through an entire traditional journal club and field questions from your own peers. All presenters have been asked to voluntarily make a video, so here is mine: