Two more online courses done!


    I have completed two more online introductory courses on Coursera: Virology 1: How Viruses Work and Calculus One

    Virology 1 was quite easy for me because of the heavy focus on basic molecular biology. Now I am thirsty for the follow-up to this course, by the famous Vincent Racaniello of Columbia, and learn about the pathological effects of different viruses.

    Calculus One was tricky for me. However this has been the most enjoyable course I have ever taken! The two main teachers, Bart Snapp and Jim Fowler of Ohio State U. are absolute geniuses when it comes to explaining derivatives and integration. Hats off to them! I am truly inspired to, quoting Bart Snapp, "Do more math". Just hope I have time to do Calculus Two in future.