• Curriculum Vitae

Shen Lin, PhD

Email: shenlin2@gmail.com

Work Email: slin@taleebio.com

Job Title

Lead Research Scientist working in a biotech startup developing gene therapy cures for cystic fibrosis. 

• Research expertise in pulmonary disease, neurodegenerative disease and virology 
• Technical expertise in viral vector development - AAV and Lentivirus - and working with animals (ferrets, mice and rats) 
• Decade of experience working with spinal cord injury research
• Completed MSL training course by a professional MSL, “from SCIENCE to PHARMA”, covering aspects of product life cycle, on/off label and day to day MSL activities.
• Innovative thinker with proven ability to connect with Key Opinion Leaders.
• Completed Master’s degree in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance at Temple University School of Pharmacy, obtaining deep understanding of FDA regulations and drug compliance laws as well as the steps required to bring a drug to the market.
• Experience in cross-functional collaboration with clinicians and scientific staff.
• Goal-directed and detail-orientated to obtain quality data in scientific medical research.
• Highly successful in selling my research ideas to obtain competitive funding.
• Permanent resident, Green Card Holder with no need for visa sponsorships. Multilingual (English, Chinese) with proven ability to lead cross-cultural team building activities.



Research Scientist at Talee Bio, Inc. September 2017 to Present
• Development of AV.TL65-SP183-CFTRΔR for preclinical studies and IND enabling studies.
• Development of GP64-lenti(HIV)-CFTR for preclinical studies and IND enabling studies.

I am working on viral vector therapies for Cystic Fibrosis. I am working with John Engelhardt and Paul McCray at the University of Iowa and acting as a research scientific liaison with management at Militia Hill Ventures in Philadelphia.

My work involves:
• Developing novel viral serotypes required for gene transfer and gene editing functions. 
• Collaborating with the Chief Medical Officer and top-tier research staff for ongoing preclinical studies and IND enabling studies in novel gene therapy tools to treat cystic fibrosis.
• Project management to conduct in vitro and in vivo assays.
• Communicating with process/analytical development and the manufacturing group to manage viral vector quality throughout production process.
• Leadership to align internal research objectives with corporate goals.

Talee Bio is a new startup company based in Philadelphia. Its operations will continue to develop over the coming years as the scientific community closes in on a cure for cystic fibrosis.

Description: :Images:Temple logo.gifShriners Research Center, Temple Unviersity 2012-2017
Shriners Research Fellow
Shriners Hospitals for Children Pediatric Research Center, Center for Neural Repair and Rehabilitation
Mentor: George M Smith, Ph.D.

• Awarded 3-year Shriners Research Fellowship Grant and supported by an NIH grant from senior faculty. This grant funded my own project and brought in $200,000 for the laboratory.
• Lead investigator for a study on tubulin acetylation. Solved problems with in vivo targeted lentiviral gene delivery which led to a greater understanding of axonal tubulin acetylation in the regeneration field.
• Managed sample inventory of viral master cell bank and working cell bank.
• Strong ability to handle GLPs and University Quality Assurance inspections every 6 months in the BSL-2 mini-viral core, wet gene therapy laboratory, animal housing unit and behavioral laboratory departments.

Description: :Images:Drexel med seal.jpg
Drexel University College of Medicine 2008-2012
Craig Neilsen Postdoctoral Fellow
Dept of Neurobiology and Anatomy
Mentor: Peter W Baas, Ph.D.

• Awarded 2-year Craig Neilsen Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant and supported by an NIH training grant from senior faculty.  This grant funded my own project and brought in $150,000 for the laboratory.
• Spearheaded investigations using live cell imaging of neuronal cultures which resulted in a greater understanding of how kinesin motors direct axon and dendrite formation.
• Authored IACUC animal protocols in accordance with university documentation which ensured the efficient renewal of a laboratory grant.



Description: :Images:Temple logo.gifTemple University School of Pharmacy (QARA) 2014-2017
Masters Degree in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Understanding and working with FDA drug development regulatory affairs departments, submission of IND/NDA/BLA/ANDA, structure of the Common Technical Document, food and drug law and FDA guidances regarding cGMPs, GCPs and GLPs.

Description: :Images:MRC web banner.jpg
King’s College London 2004-2008
PhD candidate, Dissertation Title: “Analysis of phosphorylation sites   on microtubule associated protein MAP1B in embryonic neurons”
MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology
PhD thesis advisor: Phillip R. Gordon-Weeks, Ph.D.

Description: :Images:KCL.jpeg
King’s College London 2001-2004
BSc in Biomedical Science (Neuroscience)



2014 - 2015: Pint of Science US (Philadelphia Team Leader)
Raised over $2000 in sponsorship money from biotech companies. Assembled and organized publicity, sponsorship and web management teams.  Host and organize a 3-day annual beer/science festival.

2009-2013: National Postdoctoral Association (NPA), Meetings Subcommittee International Officer
Planned and negotiated with 3 professors to attend and give workshops at the NPA annual meeting in the University of South Carolina Medical School. Encouraged international postdocs to pursue their career ambitions in the USA and advised them on overcoming cultural, language and immigration hurdles.


2014-2017: Shriners Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant (2 awards out of 50 applicants per year).
2013 Society for Neuroscience Invited Talk: Nanosymposium 791.03, Promotion of axonal regeneration by pharmacological inhibition of microtubule acetylation.
2011: Philadelphia Society for Neuroscience Chapter, Hon. Mention for Postdoc poster.
2010-2012: Craig Neilsen Postdoctoral Research Grant (3 awards out of 30 applicants per institution per year).
2010: Drexel University College of Medicine Discovery Day Poster Award (2010).
2004-2007: Medical Research Council (UK) PhD Studentship Grant.



Lin S, Sterling NA, Junker IP, Helm CT, Smith GM. Effects of aTAT1 and HDAC5 on Axonal Regeneration. Plos One (2017) 12(5):e0177496. PMID: 28505206
Lin S, Smith GM. Acetylation as a mechanism that regulates axonal regeneration. Neural Regen Res (2015) 10(7):1034-6. PMID: 26330814.
Lin S, Nazif K, Smith A, Baas PW, Smith GM.  Histone acetylation inhibitors promote axon growth in young adult DRG neurons. J Neurosci Res (2015) 93(8):1215-28. PMID: 25702820.
Liu Y, Keefe K, Tang X, Lin S, Smith GM. Use of self-complementary adeno-associated virus serotype 2 as a tracer for labeling axons: implications for axon regeneration. PLoS One (2014) 9(2):e87447. PMID: 24498323.
Lin, S, Liu M., Mozgova O.I., Yu W., Baas P.W.  Mitotic motors co-regulate microtubule patterns in axons and dendrites. J Neurosci (2012) 32(40):14033-49. PMID: 23035110.
Nadar VC, Lin S, Baas PW.  Microtubule redistribution in growth cones elicited by focal inactivation of kinesin-5. J Neurosci. 2012 32(17):5783-94. PMID: 22539840.
Lin S, Liu M, Son YJ, Himes BT, Snow DM, Yu W, Baas PW. Inhibition of kinesin-5, a microtubule-based motor protein, as a strategy for enhancing regeneration of adult axons.  Traffic (2011) 12(3):269-83. PMID: 21166743.
Baas PW, Lin S. Hooks and comets: The story of microtubule polarity orientation in the neuron.  Dev Neurobiol (2011) 71(6):403-418. PMID: 21140406.
Tymanskyj SR, Lin S, Gordon-Weeks PR. Evolution of the spatial distribution of MAP1B phosphorylation sites in vertebrate neurons. J. Anat (2010) 216(6):692-704. PMID: 20408908.


Drexel University College of Medicine:  I trained and mentored rotating graduate students effectively both within the Baas lab and from other departments to accomplish collaborative experiments.  I was co-instructor for one second year graduate school molecular neuroscience research project.

King’s College London:  Basic teaching co-instructor for first and second year medical and dental students in histology class.